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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day~

Since my birthday I haven't been outside at all. Besides yoga once a week with Mei, and some errand-running locally, I haven't been spending money at all (or at least not trying to = w=)... this is what happens when you're broke and owing money for stuff LOL

Kind of sucks that I've been missing out on things like church for 3 weeks but I tend to throw the most money towards either eating, transportation or donating to the church.. so I had to cut myself off from doing that to save... but once I start making money again, I'll just give tenfold of what I usually do xD In the meantime I'm reading the bible every night..

Of course, me "saving money" didn't stop me from blowing 30 dollars on magazines LOL fucking Ageha = A=

January 2011 issue

March 2011

And (the most expensive) kimono special xD

I don't know what's wrong with me when it comes to Ageha magazines... I am absolutely obsessed with them, I scour Book-Off, Kinokuniya, and Mitsuwa when they have special sales just to see if they ever get an older issue... I'm pretty sure I have like, almost every issue between 2009 to now... that's at least 30 mags x___x one day I'll probably stack all of the ones I have to see if I could make a tower out of them LOL
And then of course I'm planning to buy all the old ones I missed...
Told you I was obsessed.

Lately I've been observing the way Satomi Yakuwa does her eyes... not so much as the whole thing as the way she applies her liner... I know fake lashes give a different look but the way the models apply their liner makes them more distinct and different from one another.

I always looked at Sayaka Araki when it came to makeup, but I'd like to try out different looks as well. I liked Hina no Riku's style, but then she magically disappeared (guessing that maybe she either a) got a new blog on another site or b) she quit the porn industry). Satomin's is similar but it's softer which for work and stuff would be much better.

I need a new eyeliner brush so I can start using my gel liner again... pencil + pen just aren't working for me anymore = w=

Haven't came around to experiment sujimori styling my hair again.... my hair desperately needs a new touchup before I dare try doing anything special to it. LOL But it'll be hard for me, especially since NYC is still in some pretty dry weather.. don't need my hair to fall out again x_x

Anyways, but besides staying in all day/going to yoga/missing church/etc, of course I blew my money on Valentine's day. Didn't do anything for my... person in which I desire affection from LOL but! I did visit him while he was working.

Me and Mei went to Applebee's >:3



My mudslide = w= needed more booze in it though

Mei had gotten this spinach salad w/ shrimp which was too good... we don't know what kind of sauce they put on it but it was nice and sweet hnnghhhh. I know it had like red/sweet onions in there but I don't know what else. Other than that, I just got a philly burger while she got the Bourbon Street steak.

There were.. one too many acts of niggadom in that restaurant. You had some crackhead chick nearby yelling on her phone with her boyfriend or ~whoever~, yelling like "STOP HARASSING ME" blahblahblah.. how about you just hang up the dang phone and turn it off. After a while trick stumbled her ass in the bathroom with her nappy hair = w= I don't understand why people like that even come into a restaurant like that..

Iono, and then you had this other group next to us who were dissatisfied with whatever food they were trying to get.. but they were much more quiet about it. But then on the other side of the restaurant, you had these three broads who decide to provide even more entertainment, yelling and saying this that and the third mad loud when the people was trying to work out the problem.. or whatever. Anywho, then one of managers or whatever went over to them and started sass the chicks back and they just weren't stopping... and then chicks were still going on outside of the place like.. okay = w= It was a good laugh though. But it was hella annoying, especially for the people surrounding them.

But the lesson to that? Don't go to an Applebee's in the middle of Bed Stuy for top-notch quality service LOL. Go to Manhattan for that. It was whatever with us, we got our food and our laugh lololo

I did the bow-hair, since it was pretty windy that night = w= I had to maneuver some way for my bangs to get covered with my scarf so they didn't get completely raped... thankfully they stayed together at the end. He said he liked this hairstyle the best too, so~ I decided it was the best choice at the moment LOL

Today's his birthday... but I don't have anything for him ; w; There was an outfit set I had in mind to get him, but none of the Zaras had the damn thing = A= augh, oh well..

But now that V-day is out the way, there's nothing else special for me to look forward to (other than the Final Fantasy concert on Apr 1st, if I get a ticket >A>;;) until Easter and Pentecost, so hopefully these next two months will be pretty chill....

edit: Got a call back from one of the Victoria's Secret ;____; Got an interview on Thursday. I'm sooo happy, it's my first response from anyone so far, I hope I get ittttt. WISH ME LUCK


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