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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"The Wedding Album"

(mass wedding in Vietnam, 1990)

I've been buying a bunch of wedding books again. The deadline for all my work for my event planning and design courses are coming up in March! Time flies by so fast, and like always I never seem to make the most of it lol.

I found these books at Book-Off not too long ago, when I was trying to look for the Feb Ageha. (I was pretty lucky, apparently that was the very last copy of the issue in both Book-Off and Kinokuniya. It came with a free gift so I'm assuming that's why it sold out so fast e_e)

First one is The Wedding Album by Alice Harris. When I flipped through it I had to buy it, it's basically a picture book with different wedding dress fashion photography, from magazine shoots to runway snaps, from celebs to everyday people, from simple timeless moments to unforgettable, daring ceremonies to movie screencaps. Even though most of the dresses are white, it's still very rich in culture and shows examples from different times and in different parts of the world.

Some of my favorite examples:

Wedding photo of a newlywed couple, 1910.

Japanese wedding in Kyoto, 1961

This seems to be a regular couple, and the photo was taken in Denmark apparently, but holyyy crap at all the people! I thought it was a whole village in Africa or something @___@ that crowd looks freaking huge.

A wedding party in Harlem, 1983. I laughed to myself with this one, even before I read the credits I had a feeling. Not even with the background (Lenox Ave or something, I bet), but the attitude on that one bridesmaid's face. Harlemites have this certain swag and you can just tell lol.

An Indian wedding in London, 1992. Indian weddings will always be the most vibrant and extravagant celebrations of them all. In my opinion, anyways.

A couple travelling in Bosnia in 1995. There's something about the bride's expression in this photo...

Couple tightrope walking during their ceremony in France, 1954.

Absolute favorite picture out of this book, it's called "Future Expectations, 1926." I really love it,
especially the eerie look of the ghostly child by the fireplace.

Grace Kelly in 1956

There are even more photos of Muhammad Ali when he got married, Nelson Mandela guiding her daughter down the aisle.. past presidents, Marilyn Monroe, Cher, it goes on and on and on...


Amani said...

Woah-- that book looks like a never-ending good read. (Or gander, I guess.)  I really like the older/vintage photos. (I used to love looking at pics of my parents' wedding...)

Fingers crossed on getting that work in~! > <

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