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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wonder Eye lens review

I was trying to tweak my layout... ended up shifting my banner off center. Now it won't go back = w= fml

Nothing to do today, so I just finished editing my second review video and put it up on Youtube. This is my second... I know I have clips doing BC-102, so maybe in a few days I'll be posting that up. If not, then in the process of editing. Still need to record for my King/Candydoll greens and Tear browns.

I need to stop doing videos with me looking a mess. Perming my hair tomorrow -finally- . All that nasty lookin new growth is gonna be gone. = A= Also hoping that my hair will be officially breast-length once it's straightened.

I really loved how the pictures came out though.. especially that last one... I didn't realize how long my natural lashes actually were until I saw that picture. Why do I wear falsies again?


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