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Friday, March 4, 2011

Current Reads + Buys

I've been trying my hardest to keep away from Book-Off-- and the glory that is secondhand books and mags. Everytime I go in, I come out with something new and it's just ridiculous impluse buying that I need to stop. (Same with my shopping services-- my Taobao order I had to close and ship before I added like 50+ dollars of stuff from money that I owe Mai, whom I'm pretty sure I owe 300+ and-- I'm just a fucking mess)

Of course later on today I'm going out with Mei. Which means that after yoga we're gonna just get fat at Otafuku. Which just defeats the whole purpose of not buying from A, B, and C.

But at least Book-Off is usually cheap... it's just the amount of crap I end up pulling out the bookshelves and carrying to the register. I'm glad I developed a habit where I always question myself at least 10x before I actually make a purchase.

I've been concentrating on wedding books in particular, most of the shit straight off the dollar rack which to me is absolutely amazing speaking that most of these books are at least $30 each at their normal retail price.

So far I got..

"The Complete Outdoor Wedding Planner" ($1. Seriously) and "How to have a Fabulous Wedding for Under $10,000" ($7) , both by Sharon Naylor.

I started reading the latter first. I'm actually reading it much more than I am the bible
Mainly because I'm supposed to be planning my sister's wedding which was supposed to be this July... although... the future of that event happening is uncertain :/

My sister's pregnant, and she's due in June, and with their already tiny budget ($10k, compare this to the AVERAGE $50k NYC wedding according to statistics in 2009) becoming smaller now that this kid it's on it's way, it delays everything :c

"The Pleasure of your Company: Entertaining in High Style" by Kimberly Schlegel (Again, $1. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF)

I've only skimmed this book so far, but I like the contents so far. It has your general info on planning/hosting parties, but rather than just straight-up weddings, it features different sized events, from dinners, house parties, to fundraisers and etc. Different themes, but unlike say, what you'd see from Preston Bailey with OTT florals and event design, I find the stuff in this book to be more simplistic but classy.

It makes event-design and hosting seem much easier, (though lolo it's not), and it kind of motivates me to try and host a few more casual parties when the weather gets better, if I have the means to. We'll see!

Other than that? Got some other cute shet.

A necklace from my boo David/Yuuki, who started his own brand Little Macaron for lolis and stuff <3

OTK boots from Rainbow's. THEY'RE ACTUALLY OTK ON ME. *cries* and they were 15 buxxxx fffff (watermarked cuz it's about to go up on Poupeee - u-)

So I've been shopping a -little - bit. But at least I've been trying to do it cheaply (for the most part)
Don't judge. = w=


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