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Monday, July 1, 2013

Guyana Mission Trip: Day 2

After a long night of warm welcoming festivities, everyone was up bright and early to begin preparing for our first day of real spiritual activities. We went during one of Guyana's rain seasons (rain/dry season will probably feel so strange to me..), and I came out of my sleep hearing the hardest rain I've seen. At first I thought maybe it was a thunderstorm, but their periods of rain just tend to come down really, REALLY hard. I was constantly on edge because I really hate thunderstorms, but luckily for me we never had a single one the whole time we were there. After a while the intense rain became really calming..

In the morning was Lady M's Dialysis workshop service, where she spoke about the importance of going to the doctor and getting a diagnosis for whatever sickness you may have, and not to stay ignorant (which if you lack the money or time to go to the doctor, you might have a tendency of doing!).

(Cut for those who aren't interested in reading about this stuff)
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Even though some may think 'okay, this can be a general health workshop', treatments like dialysis is a very physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually draining experience, and it was a struggle that Lady M had to go through for a couple of years in her life; but because of her faith made her stronger and helped her and her family triumph. She had polycystic kidney disease, and through that had multiple surgeries, had almost died more than once, and also ended up having a [completely healthy] child despite the odds, before she was completely delivered from it. Since then she had started her dialysis ministry, having traveled the country to spread the gospel and what the bible says about healing and sickness. So this service was her first international one.

I was never really aware of the dialysis process and how much it changes your life but after hearing her testimony in detail, and also after being taught the different kinds of treatment my mind was a bit blown. Definitely not something I'd ever want to have to endure.

Note: I know the video clips may seem a bit confusing because I did not record the -whole- service, but there is a part where she says to 'go to the doctor and get a diagnosis, but believe the report of the Lord'. Some might interpret it wrong but it's simply to not accept any sort of fate that the doctors may try to tell you. Such as: "You have x months x years to live." When you believe in the Word of God you should use it to declare healing and deliverance from your situation. If I could find my notes I'd put everything down-- but it's lost in the abyss of my room so yeah xD But there is so many scriptures that talk about healing and the power of faith, and the power you possess when you are filled the Holy Spirit.

During altar call there was a woman who could not walk well at all that got prayed for-- when she first came to the service she was pretty much bound to a chair because the pain in her body was too much for her to handle. During altar call she was praying for the pain to go away, and at first it did not and she noted this to Pastor and the ministers, and that is when Lady M and the missionaries went into the back with her and anointed her body with blessed oil and prayed for deliverance; and not long after that, a demonic spirit left her body. When they came out from the back, she was standing straight, walking straight, no sign of the crippling pain that had her in bondage when she first came into the church.

Her husband had came with her to the service, and when he had seen her you can tell by his face that he was in awe. They had explained how she was crippled from the pain for at least more than a year or two and how two weeks prior she was in so much pain that she was completely bedridden, and said how it was putting a strain on her husband's and her children's work, because they worked in the jungle (I believe for either mining or lumbering or something). It was a bit weird with how the host pastor tried to really hype up the event, because we really don't show off and do stuff like that back at our church, but regardless it was a joyous occasion, as well as one of the eye-opening examples of spiritual warfare that we encountered during our trip.

Minister Hez on the drums

Originally we were going to give out food and goods and stuff after the service, but we unfortunately weren't able to because our barrels were still in a completely different area of the country. We didn't have the chance to give them out until much later in the trip.

When church was over and guests left we were getting ready to go to Georgetown for some sights and food... but we a bit delayed haha.

 Cows. Random cows were surrounding our vans LOL
I don't know where they came from.. but apparently farmers will let their cows and stuff loose for them to go randomly grazing. Weird.

They later settled themselves to the sides of the road though. I was kind of tempted to approach them but eh...

Me with some Smalta malt drink.It was alright. Also double-glasses because I don't give a damn

Then there was another little animal visitor..

He was cute but later a bit of a pest... later on, he ended up making his way into one of the bathrooms, hah

When we were ready we went to Georgetown and was driven around the embassies and the president's estate and stuff.. no pictures because I was really wasn't all that interested xD

We ended up in this area... the place above is actually this big Chinese food restaurant

Some of their decor on the inside looked gorgeous... but their food and their customer service sucked!
I was scolded a lot during the trip because I didn't really hold my tongue about 'cultural differences'.. which to me was bullcrap. The food and stuff was whatever. Apparently a lot of restaurants like this will serve lukewarm/cold food because something about them constantly making stuff to store... I was also told that Guyanese understanding of 'hot' food was different than ours. I don't know. they could've actually warmed it up before serving it to people.  Any food I had after that day was nice and hot, and that's WITHOUT anyone telling them to make it hot, so I don't know. 

Their customer service was inexcusable though. Very rude waitress, when she made the mistake of I don't know.. she made a mistake on someone's order, someone else's food took forever to come out. We were very polite to her she just sat there and rolled her eyes everywhere, having this face like she wanted to put her fingers in her ears. So imagine just simply explaining that we couldn't have their fountain water or their top water and wanting bottled water or soda... like it was just unimaginable. If I wasn't with my pastor she would have gotten told off in the unholiest way possible because I cannot STAND people who work with food and customer service and they're not even willing to simply serve people and be courteous. Let me be the manager of a place like that... I'd be firing broads right and left for their stink attitude.

It was also surprising seeing the difference in Chinese food there. Which was the least of the problem but eh, when you expect something made a certain way... like for example I ordered sweet and sour chicken and besides everything basically being cold, the sweet & sour sauce was literally just watered down ketcup. Oh.... I'm just glad it was literally like $4-5.

Even though I got scolded (again) for walking into another part of the restaurant without telling anyone (it wasn't even far or secluded!) I found myself in the best part of the restaurant, which was the Chinese bakery * w* It reminded me of Fay Da and all the pastry spots in Chinatown.

Imported cream soda~ I never knew Schweppes made cream soda xD It was so good, especially that pure sugar and no corn syrup.

Some sort of 'tart'/minicake! The bottom was so flaky and the cream was SO creamy-- almost a bit too creamy... still good tho

And then a stick of sugared donuts ; ;
Needless to say this was the best part of my dining-out experience down there.

After food we went to St. George's Cathedral, one of the oldest and tallest wooden buildings that still stand today.

The inside was beautiful, but I didn't really understand the interior. Are all catholic buildings like this? I don't wanna base all my judgements on Assassin's Creed... xD

The paintings and the stained windows around the buildings were gorgeous.

A fountain/some sort of basin? It was empty but it was gorgeous. I'd love something like that in a garden.

Then we went down the block to a crafts/souvenir shop area...

Cute shoes, sandals, and bags!

Gorgeous butterfly collection... I was very tempted by this one.

After that we were on our way. We were gonna go to another huge market, but it was starting to get dark + no nearby parking spots.. maybe next time~

 We went to the Charlestown area of Georgetown, where Pastor Lyte's second church, Eternal Life Mission, was located. I was surprised to see the whole house filled with people and children.

I learned that it was actually a reunion/celebration service for all the longtime members of the church. Above Pastor Lyte is getting a bit emotional talking to his congregation.. it was very sweet

All the old members went up to the front where they were prayed for by my pastor, and another white minister or something. I don't think anyone caught his name too well, it was a bit awkward and standoffish for some reason. 

As they anointed and prayed... 

This girl in particular was another person who was under demonic influence. I'm kind of mad I didn't catch this on my video, but in the middle of the prayer (she went up there willingly), she suddenly got out of character! The minister guy had prayed for her.. and two minutes later everyone heard a screech from nowhere... a lot of us were confused until she started lashing out on someone next to her. Like the woman was holding her and all at once she just had gotten this ridiculous amount of strength and elbowed this woman in her face!

When the ministers and pastors gathered to try and pray over her she, rather IT at this point (because she had actually lost consciousness in the middle of this rage), started jumping and stomping her feet trying to break free from the grips of the ministers. I believe it was my pastor who landed the 'final blow' so to speak-- he took anointing oil in his hands, and pressed it to the woman's forehead and she just dropped and started writhing on the floor until her pastor and my pastor prayed for the demonic spirit to come out of her, she was finally still. The photo above was after all that happened, when her pastor helped her up from the ground and hugged her.

It was really crazy... my pastors and all the experienced saints already knew by then, but at this point in time I realized that despite going and being a member of an apostolic pentecostal church, a lot of these members were actually not spirit-filled. There was a lot of work ahead of us...

The service continued on.

Pastor going up before he preached.

The back of the church, with loads of children lining the walls.

Minister Hez doing an opening prayer before Pastor preached.

Lady M giving a welcome address 

Pastor as the spoke the Word...

Soon enough it was altar call and there was a huge gathering of people wanting to be prayed over. I wonder if the incident earlier in the service influenced them? I surely would've ran up there too..

 Pastor Lyte also praying over the people.

One of the people twirling in praise and prayer.

Soon, we were out of there and on our way back to Enmore for some well-needed rest... 
But of course not without more derping with eat-out spots... first with a late-night KFC that lied about running out of chicken... then saying they only had fries.. then saying it would take an hour to cook up chicken they -did- have after all. What a mess. It's a shame too because I've heard Caribbean fast food joints taste better than American, but I don't think I ever want to try with these crappy people who work at these places..
We ended up going to some dingy bar spot nearby that was worse than the Chinese restaurant and had really bad food there.. like it looked old. I ended up not eating that night = =
Luckily all my foodie experiences after that day were TOO good...


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