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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I realize I still have a lot to catch up on....

How are you guys lately?

A lot of things have been happening with me as of late... a huge stir of emotions, possible complete lifestyle changes, so a lot of uncertainty and issues that I need to get cleared up. Bills, claims, love, what have you.. a lot. I honestly don't know if I can really -speak- about all of these things here, as open as I usually am about my thoughts. But we'll see how things go for now...

 I'm planning to look for a part-time job, because let's face it-- unemployment sucks xD There's no possible way for me to raise the money I need for Guyana just by my measly unemployment checks, plus flyer/banner projects, church bake sales, etc. I need to find something 2-4 days a week that wouldn't push my body too hard so I can start getting ministry stuff in motion! I need to start saving in general, too...

There's a couple of projects that have yet to be announced but I'm anticipating the day all of it will be released! All I can say is that they involve the gyaru community, and they also involve the local NYC area. Hopefully things will go according to plan, no one gets lazy, and things will pick up finally. I hope you look forward to it! Pray on it!

 I'm trying to start these summer giveaways and stuff but I've realized that I'm still behind on so many stories that I haven't even posted about yet. Huge example being my mission trip to Guyana with my church, and then the event that followed my return to New York... I'd really like to knock that stuff out of the way before I return to Guyana in August.

 Not only that, but I need to redo my whole blog layout as well! And I really need help with it! As much as I'd want to do it myself, I don't think I'll ever get along to it. So if you know how to tweak with CSS like that, knows how to put buttons and cute headers and things like that, maybe got a little bit of graphic skills for banners and stuff, seriously, hit me up on my Facebook page ; A; I don't have much funds but I will do my best to compensate for your time~ just let me know via FB!

 I don't know where I was going with this post...
I guess you get the gist of everything? Hahahaha~



Amani said...

I'm new to your blog, hun, idk if you've mentioned it before but ministry stuff in motion? ^^

sounds like you're a busy gal ;) I hope everything goes well for you; I'll be prayin for ya!

Amani said...

Yup! I try to be pretty active in my church, especially with the foreign missions we started doing. Our first trip was to Guyana in December and we're going back to continue our work in August ^^ I also work around with video/tech and graphic arts too~

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