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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Working towards June

It finally hit me that it's already May. Spring didn't feel like it was really here at all, and suddenly we're whirling towards June and the beginning of summer.

So many things I'm trying to work towards right now! I applied for SYEP and I'll probably try to look into other part-time jobs. Especially since I'm apparently on unemployment now, and they kind of breathe down your back over working.

Some of my yearly check-ups are coming up, which I hope I'll end up seeing what I'll really need to do as far as my knee problems. Injections? Straight-up knee replacement? I hope none of the above, if anything. Especially when traveling is on my mind.

It was recently announced that Baby, the Stars Shine Bright was going to be at Anime Next with a fashion show, and not only are the normal traveling designers are going to be there, but Akinori Isobe himself. It has been AGES since I've seen Isobe, he last came to New York City in 2008 during their first U.S. fashion show at NYAF. He was very reserved and normal-clothed back then~ nothing like the flamboyant persona that was portrayed in Shimotsuma Monogatari LOL. He didn't understand the fawning he was getting back then as the owner of BTSSB, but we'll see how he is this time around! Despite my small shortcomings I hope to model in their fashion show again, and look much better than how I did back in 2008. (Cheap wig + no makeup + flu + painkiller high? Yeah, no. LOL)

MC Melody Doll is going to be at the con too, apparently, and I HAVE to meet her and take a photo with her. I already have a pretty ridiculous outfit in my mind. Let's see if I'll be able to go and do everything I want. xD

I also had cosplay in mind.. but it really depends on how I feel in the coming weeks, if I'll even bother trying to throw something together.

There is also International Lolita Day! I'm not planning it for the summer this time around, but my friend Petrina is~ and she's planning a party on a ferryboat that will sail around in NY Harbor. I am SO hyped for this! I don't even know what to wear. I just have all these lulzy boat songs in my head. I look toward having such a great time with a lot of my lolita friends!

So much is coming up other than those, including my second trip to Guyana with my church. We're staying twice as long and concentrating our efforts in Berbice and Linden. Hopefully we'll have a little bit of time for some leisure stuff, like going to see some of their waterfalls and other sights and shop a bit more.

My Tokyo plan is seeming a bit dimmer and dimmer, but I'm praying that a way will be made for me to go soon. It all really depends on how the rest of this summer goes, I think... I applied for a few things so I hope that something will happen!

I've also been looking into school... in the fall I'll be taking courses from Liberty University for Christian Ministry, and Biblical Studies. It may be a bit hard because their online courses are like cram courses, so it's very intense and you can't really do too much other than the schooling without getting overwhelmed. Luckily it's apparently mostly reading, so hopefully I'll be able to handle it. I've also been looking into art certificate programs, just to try and do a little something getting back into the arts... it's been a long time but I feel less afraid to dive back into it, just all these different mediums and stuff that I learned in high school.. especially screen-printing and painting. Graphic arts was something I was never able to learn back then (it being one of the most popular electives), so I want to get back into it. Anatomy as well.

I guess I'm just in a standstill of what to do with myself next~ I'm really trying to map out a plan for the next 6 months to the next year. Maybe I should talk to my grandfather about it... I'm so used to just struggling on my own and doing things by myself. I should probably see what more options I have through my family members...

Anyone can give any input on things like this? What are you planning for your future, or what have you've done in the past and how exact were your actual footsteps v.s. your master plan?


Amani said...

You should get someone to help you! We, your readers, would also like to help you if needed. You have people here from various countries; we may be able to help you with traveling!

Have you considered taking free online university courses at coursera.org to prepare? You get a certificate if you pass the course well enough, but you can also do it at your own speed. They don't count as courses at your university, but it can really help you with the real thing when you already know a bit. I did an astrobiology course. It was really interesting and I learned a lot. It's now helping me with physics since we're learning about stars.

Your plans seem very interesting. I'm only planning to visit some neighboring countries and conventions in my country. The international lolita day is the first Saturday of June, right? I'm going to miss it! I'll be traveling home, and lolita isn't exactly airport fashion.
Well not for me anyway. I'll be wearing ten layers of clothes so I can bring them all home. 20 kg limit for the bag, are they crazy?

Amani said...

I think that's what I love about the thought of going to Europe one day~ the fact that it's smaller than the U.S. and all the countries are clustered together. But I can't imagine the costs of actually doing it xD like to go through each country border, not even mentioning the actual transportation costs xD; And I wouldn't even know where to begin with that! Like where would I even start? But if I was adventurous enough and had the money to, that would probably be a crazy-fun backpacking type of trip.

As far as Tokyo, I already have multiple connections on getting a free place and whatnot, but what it always came down to was the ticket xD I could never get enough for a freaking ticket! But now I need to really try and learn to save and get it out the way. I was always planning my last paycheck to go towards it, but after my expectations being cut I had to pretty much live on that money until I got some sort of establishment.. and now I'm almost broke xD sighhh

I've never really thought of coursera, I've always seen the link being passed around on Tumblr and I know it's in my Likes somewhere xD But I'm looking at it now, I'd probably definitely look into the arts/design and business/management and maybe the health/nutrition stuff. It'd be a good way to get into the learning phase and occupy myself until the fall semester~

Amani said...

Planning for the future is soooo stressful to me!! My plans normally consist of 1) how to avoid adult responsibilities 2) When the feeling strikes, DO IT
That was pretty much how I even ended up in Taiwan in the first place :D Not much planning. If your family can give you some insight and such, that would probably be a much better plan!!

Amani said...

sighhhhhh that's how I was trying to do it, I wanted to get enough money to get that those tickets so I could just hit up California, Tokyo and Taipei (well Taipei was sort of optional~). I just never made it to that amount, mainly because I distracted myself e_e with yknow... lolita and shopping and shit

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