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Monday, March 11, 2013


So I had mentioned multiple times everywhere that I was suffering from this fluid in my chest. I was suffering from it for a total of 2 months, I think?

It was a really terrible experience. I'm so used to being healthy or just having a flu or a cold or something, but when it comes time that things are keeping me from breathing, eating and drinking right, and sleeping, it becomes a world of problems for me. I start freaking out way too hard.

It started out as bronchitis, which I'm sure I got from some retarded tourist who coughed -into the air- at my workplace. Didn't even cover his mouth or anything, I was able to literally see the spray coming from his mouth. Days later I started with a bad cough that lasted for weeks. When it got to the point where my chest was feeling weird, and I couldn't even breathe as I slept, I went to the ER. Not once, but twice. The first time they diagnosed it correctly, but said 'it wasn't that bad' and gave me antibiotics just in case after doing x-rays and whatnot.

While the coughing stopped, the breathing wasn't getting any better. I was barely getting sleep because I would constantly wake up from not being able to breathe. It didn't matter what position I was in while I slept-- on my back, on my side, and even when I was sitting up in a subway car, I would suddenly have this 'attack' where for a good few seconds I wouldn't be able to breathe. Especially when it snowed one weekend in February. When I went to the ER a second time, the doctor brushed me off and said I just had a 'heartburn', even though I know what acid reflux feels like. At that point I was angry and I just refused to go back, I basically came to the point where they wouldn't try to listen or help me until I was damn near dying.

I had a few more attacks when I was out and about, usually hanging out with my pastor after work, or at the church, and he was literally there every time I suddenly couldn't breathe. He was very concerned and it felt good to know that I wasn't being treated like I was crazy or I didn't know what I was talking about. There was one last time, where I went to work, feeling fine at first in the morning, but the moment I start being on the clock, I couldn't breathe. I was struggling to get enough breath for 2-3 hours before the feeling went away again. That's when I decided to walk-in to my regular physician to see what she had to say.

Of course, I didn't end up seeing her that day :/ It ended up being a really busy day and I was only seen by random nurses and some Indian doctor, all of them trying to tell me how I felt, trying to tell me one thing or another even though I tried to be as detailed as I could. "You don't have -fluid- in your chest, when you do, it feels like you're actually drowning". Like are you serious? I can't sleep at night because I'm constantly 'drowning' over some sort of fluid substance that keeps trying to come up out of my chest. The doctor I ended up seeing said that I 'probably' had seasonal allergies that affected me in the winter... which makes no sense to me. Suggested I take Claritin. Really?

At that moment I just felt like no one in the medical field really cared about shit-else but themselves, telling people their conditions aren't 'that bad' and telling them 'to come back if it gets worse'. One ER visit, there was a man who was having heart troubles, literally in a wheelchair, having clear trouble breathing, sounding like he was choking or about to vomit, and he ended up waiting there for a good 1 1/2 hours since I was there, so I know he had to have been there for LONGER than I have, and they were barely paying attention to him or calling him in until his girlfriend was damn near about to curse them all out. Even now, I think most of them should just burn their degrees and quit their careers.

It was a situation that made me pretty emotional. I could barely sleep the entire month of February, and it affected my stamina so badly that I was having problems with my attendance at work, as well as actually being on the job. How could I serve people, talk with customers, give them a smile when my chest was constantly hurting, or because my body was barely getting as much oxygen as usual? I remember at some point I had called my pastor at his job (his wife's phone was off, so I couldn't get through to her) and I pretty much started crying to him. I knew that I was taking up his time, he probably had a meeting, etc, but he made me feel so much better. He treated me like his own child and calmed me. Everyone but the professionals saw how my condition for what it was, and how it was affecting me.

I ended up booking a REAL appointment so I could see my REAL doctor. I was getting really tired of the bullcrap. But before I was even able to see her, I was healed.

For 3 weeks, after the second ER visit, I kept steaming myself, applying Vicks to my chest (even though it breaks me out), gurgling with salt water, tea, ginger, every home remedy I could find and nothing helped this gunk in my chest come out. It felt like something cold sitting at the bottom of my lungs, some stubborn mucus refusing to come out. Nothing worked.

But somehow, last Sunday I went up for prayer at altar call and God just worked his ways on my body. I didn't go up there for healing-- I was actually thinking of other friends who needed deliverance, but God made it to be another way. The visiting pastor prayed for "divine intervention" over me and within a few minutes, as I was praying, a huge glob God knows what came up from my chest. I knew from that moment, it was over. It was a done deal. There was a strange burning feeling throughout my throat and my nose, almost as if something was clearing that whole area, and a few minutes later I felt like I couldn't breathe again. All the gunk that was sitting at the bottom of my chest was coming up and I pretty much sat there and barfed everything up. It was a weirdly amazing experience, part of the reason being because I -never- throw up, I've always had a pretty iron stomach, but everything I felt at that moment was something other than myself just cleaning out my system.

Needless to say, I'm barely having any problems since then. My stamina's sort of back, I've been able to sleep, no chest pains, no feelings of weirdness of anything in my chest.. I'm still having a bit of phlegm but I've been taking 500mg of Vitamin C twice a day and that clears all of that up. I've always been cancelling out on yoga dates and stuff with my friends like Mei and people because I was never feeling even 70% well, but now I feel so good that I want to start easing myself into the whole fitness thing again.

Even my boss have been dropping hints about yoga and how it's good for expanding the lung capacity and stuff, telling me this 'because he wants me to be healthy and smiling again', LOL which is code for "I need you to get better so I can have you do more hours and be more productive" so I think I'll be taking yoga up again lolol.

But I'm just so glad and joyous to know my God is a healer in my life, whether or not you believe in it. I believe that He will continue to keep my health and my life in order and that he'll do so much more for me in the future..


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