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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

December's Pre-Christmas purchases!

These things I mainly bought right before Christmas, as I was gathering things for Guyana, and church in general!
I tried to hop from cheap spot to cheap spot, trying to buy church appropriate things for the best prices, as well as a new suitcase for my travels..

First things first-- MY PASSPORT. FINALLY.
God knows how long I was supposed to get this???

I've been meaning to get it for years (if you look back in the previous years, it was always on my "to do" New Years resolution/goals LOL

I actually had to go up to Connecticut to recieve it, because it was so last minute, and the New York passport agency was so booked up....

I thought it would be a major inconvenience, but it was actually a pretty fast process! The CT agency was within a 10 minute walk from the MetroNorth station... and then the submission and payment and everything took maybe another 10-15 and then I was on my way back to NYC~

It might've costed almost 200 for expedited, PLUS about 20 dollars just to travel to and from, but totally worth the money. New York's agency would have you sitting there from 9am to 5pm, like what happened to one of the other saints that needed their passport last minute...

If you're in New York and you need your passport fast, DEFINITELY go to the CT one over the NY agency. Trust and believe.

Once that was settled, I was ready to get all my clothes together~

These clothes I actually got from the church... a lady brought a bunch of stuff to one of the bargain shops near the church... like at least 6 trashbags/boxes worth of clothes... a lot of it was in good condition and even like-new.! Apparently she got rid of them because she had nowhere for them after the hurricane. The store's owner came to the church asking if we could take the clothes, and we decided to sort through it and send all the good stuff to Guyana. I picked out a few clothes because I didn't have too many appropriate summer clothes, and I was feeling too lazy to buy anything new xD

After that, I really went to the stores like Rainbow's, Strawberry's, etc, to find some other cheap church-appropriate clothing, because I needed it...

From Strawberry's~ less than 30 dollars worth altogether~

Then of course, I can't forget about my Ageha magazine~ I've been getting them a bit later than usual now since they're getting to be so expensive, I wish they would stop putting free gifts in there, honestly. Not only are they damn near 20 bucks at Kinokuniya, but seriously, no one's gonna need makeup bags if you keep giving them month after month after month...

The makeup bag is actually very nice~ with little pockets and stuff for brushes and whatnot~ I'll be adding it to my giveaway when I host it, which should be soon~

And then from earlier in the month, from Forever 21~ 

I always wanted a pink blazer (I believe I talked about it before?) but the Forever 21 I went to didn't have the exact one I wanted... this one is pretty though, the fabric is nice and the buttons are cute and a metallic pink color...

I wanted to find a certain lace dress that I wanted, that again I couldn't find, but then I found this...
This glorious hoochie dress. I cannot. AND it was on sale for like 10 dollars? I had to.

It's a nice tight-fitting dress, all lace, covers the bust in the front nicely, but then the back is all out... so sexy


And then I also got a set of bangles, nothing too important to take pictures of.

Oh and before I forget, my new suitcase!~

I always wanted a hard-shell suitcase for the longest time! This one isn't too cheap in quality~ and it was "on sale" in Chinatown, a.k.a.  it's not selling at it's ridiculous markup so we're gonna make it cheaper instead
I think I only bought this for like, 45? or maybe 60 dollars?
It has the swivel wheels so it'll go forward at any angle it faces... the handbar is pretty sturdy, the only thing I'd be concerned with is the zipper, but it's honestly not all that bad. It has plenty of space so most of my future trips should be fine with this~ I'm so glad I got it x3 I bet some are surprised it's not pink lololo


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