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Monday, February 18, 2013


I know I was going to post Guyana photos and stuff~ but since the thought of Guyana brings out too many feels, I'm going to save that posting for a later date.

I usually don't think much on New Years, like I do my birthday. Though since getting filled with the Holy Ghost (received it on New Year's Eve in 2011), New Year's is more significant to me in a more spiritual aspect. But after getting back from Guyana on NYE? Forget it. I was too worn out to even think.

I recently looked back at a video I had made on my birthday last year and it had me thinking about the things that are bound to come in 2013. I had made goals and promises to myself, I had done the whole "write it down, make it happen" thing, so looking back at my journal at the end of the year really shocked me when I saw how many of those things I had done!

Some of the things I had ended up getting fulfilled~

- Having an awesome 22nd birthday with wonderful friends
- Having went to some pretty nice events for Awkward Black Girl, one of my favorite webseries
- Met Madison Shockley not once, but twice~
- Met Issa Rae!
-Saw Trey Songz in concert
-Was a part of Afropunk x BET's Rip the Runway (in lolita!)
- Met Benedict Cumberbatch in person, and got his autograph * w* ahhhhh i still die over it
- Finished one of my event courses, got my certification in event planning
- Met one of my inspirations, Preston Bailey!
- Met Kayo, a Japanese gal who went around the world~
Went to my first Afropunk festival, saw Janelle Monae in person again~along with other individuals like Ryan Hall, Kellindo, and saw Pharrell and Solange Knowles upclose
- Did my first cosplay as Michiko Malandro, although it wasn't that good, I had fun. I'll do a better one next time~
- Having won the Kawaii Int'l Hime Contest. While my outfit wasn't that good, I still managed to win, and caused a chain of events, that fulfilled my wish to be back on Japanese TV, one way or another~
-Went international, and was a part of my church's first international ministry trip
- Currently have a job (not stable, but longer than holiday temp AND it pays well, too!)

Also some other notable events include:
- BT's Women's Retreat last April
- Survived a 10-day Pentecostal water-ONLY fast, jesus
- My sister's wedding
- My usual yukata-sl00ting over at Mitsuwa's summer festival
- Otakonnnn (1, 2, 3)
-New York Comic-Con
- Lolita Day Tea Party

And of course, my spiritual growth throughout the year is really too difficult to explain... it's really hard to put into words and I wish I could! It's a real experience that continues to change my life.


Now of course, now that I'm done with my bit of reflecting... my goals for 2013.

It's a bit strange now that I don't have that much to look forward to, I guess? I've done so much in the last year that I don't have huge expectations for this one... or rather, I'm just in more of a 'go with the flow' for 2013.

I do want to realize my purpose, what career I'd fall into, and things like that... but I feel like I could be a jack-of-all-trades in a way. I know how to plan events... I can do some pretty good graphic design for someone who have never taken a class or really studied it... I have my experience in Fine Arts... I also don't mind dead-end jobs like retail and whatnot. Where the heck am I supposed to go? What do I really want to do? LOL

My job will officially end in April... I enjoyed working there a lot, I enjoyed a lot of the people I worked with as well. But where will I go from there?

I actually have a couple of people who are trying to commission me for things.. mainly flyers, but also company logos, banners, and a pretty huge painting project. The way I'm looking to plan it, is that if I don't get a job right away, I'll probably go on unemployment for a bit, just to support myself and work on these things and get them out of the way. I feel that even a part-time would distract me too much from these projects, especially when I pair it with church events and other things coming up.

The last of my paychecks with this job will go towards my -second- Guyana trip, which is at the beginning of August... I'm so excited to go back, even though I'll end up missing out on Otakon. Then whatever remains will go towards shopping and hopefully a plane ticket to Tokyo! I'm really going to push for it now that I actually have my passport.

I'm also looking into getting my first credit card... I know I'll need to start building my credit for the future, but I was always confused about that whole process... that is, until one of my friends broke it down in ABCs-simplicity. Does anyone have suggestions? So far I've been recommended AmEx, Chase, and Bank of America...

Overall, I think I just want to broaden my horizons this year-- I want it to be a year of exploration, and I hope I can achieve that! Not only new places, but meeting new people, seeing more performances, being introduced to new things. Financial stability is a plus and all but~ I'm in that mode where I want to be a little bit risky and reckless before I become stable and settle down.


Amani said...

Aww, it was nice to see how far you have come since 2012- I wish you all the best for 2013 and that we can be kawaiiiiii together haha

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