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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Posts & Videos coming soon~

So my 23rd birthday is almost a week away, and my job has been practically dead and not giving me many hours now that the holidays are done, so I'm going to take this next week and change before my birthday to actually -catch up- on posts.

Some of the things you will be seeing~
1- Lolita day tea party post (finally!)
2- Christmas post
3- Guyana trip report (will probably come in 3-5 separate posts)
4- Catching up on 2012 accomplishments-- my expectations and accomplishments so far for 2013!
5- December 2012 gets
6- Victoria Secret semi-annual gets!
7- Style inspiration for 2013
8- Kawaii International recording!
9- Vassen circle lens review & video
10- Eyemake tutorial (or a before-after, depending on how I feel)
11- January buys so far~

I have more videos and whatnot, but I'm pushing to get through those 10-15 posts before the end of January.
Prepare for the flood~


Amani said...

Can't wait to see your Guyana posts and Tutorial vids! 

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