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Thursday, January 3, 2013

I've been back in New York since New Year's Eve, but I still feel so exhausted. I have work this weekend and I'm totally not looking forward to it.

Guyana was such an amazing experience. There are seriously no words to really explain how much I enjoyed myself. I wanted to cry when we got to the airport! There are already talks about returning in the summer, if it goes down that way, I'll totally go again! @ w@ Ahhhh. I have so many pictures and videos and I'm still in the process of editing them all. It's going to take a while....

I know I'm like a month behind on posts, having never posted about Lolita Day or anything, so I hope to get that done within the next two weeks. I got so much stuff in December, and right now is Victoria Secret's Semi-Annual sale~ so by the time I catch up there will be so many hauls going on LOL.

I just have so much going on right now ; w; Next week I'm trying to record stuff for an upcoming episode of Kawaii International~ I'll refrain from any further details but I'm so excited!

Also, going to post up a brand new lens review soon~! Vassen Diamond 3-tones in grey!

You can see -some- of my December gets in my store review video for LoveShoppingHolics here~ I may repost with a detailed post later~


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