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Sunday, December 16, 2012
The countdown begins... 9 more days to go.

There's so much I wanna update on (e.x. got my nails done for the first time~ Kammie in town, etc), but now I'm down to the wire~ I've been missing so many meetings for this trip due to work.. so Tuesday is going to be a real chore for me... Stamford, Connecticut in the morning~ and then prayer & meeting in the evening. I'm trying hard to squeeze time for Kammie in between it all. I just got my passport photos done when I got out of work today though, so that's one thing down. I'm trying to gather all my required documents now, so I won't need to worry about it come Tuesday. It's a relief to finally get this out the way, even though the stress was avoidable...

Tomorrow though, I might have to run around in the morning to get my ticket/confirmation from the travel agency.... before work. It's going to be ~so fun~
I'm afraid of getting in trouble at work... I've been slipping up a bit as far as being punctual because of the multitasking and running  around I've been doing... not fun.

Soon enough, it'll be all over.... but in the meantime, I have to pinch every free hour to get myself prepared for this trip. I still need to get new summer clothing somehow... and shoes.. and new luggage and bags.. and bug repellant. Lots of repellent.


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