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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Small Update

My body hurts. so bad ; w;

So I started work finally... I'm so glad I pushed to make sure I got this job....
My first day was Friday and it was pretty good~ not too many hours. But apparently that Friday was payday, and the payroll system derped and overpaid/underpaid people...

and somehow, I was one of the overpaid people LOL. I got nearly 400 bucks for not working a single hour during that time period @ w@ fuuuuuuuuu

but then I felt bad and I really wanted to try and work all the hours out this week so my 'paycheck' next week can cancel itself out, so my holiday shopping check and stuff wouldn't have money deducted from it... so they gave me shifts until Tuesday.

So today was my 3rd day straight. 17 hours down... 19 more to go. fml. Tomorrow I have a 8 hour shift and I don't think I'll survive. I'm sure some is going "pfft you're such a whiny bitch/you wanted a job and now you have it", but with me, especially having not worked for a year, having the problems I do with my knee,  it's very difficult for me to adjust to everything... I pray God will give me strength... and give me the energy to go back to yoga e___e because after all this? I really need it.

But overall I'm glad I got money in advance... I'm no longer worried about my passport, nor my tea party that's coming up. It was crazy because... earlier in the week I was talking with my pastor and he was saying "stop talking negatively about your money, you're getting paid this week" and I'm like 'lol pastor wut are you even talking about. pastor i havent even started work yet. i havent even gotten any hours in. lol pastor u cray', but lo and behold...

So ... about dat prophetic speaking~


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