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Tuesday, November 27, 2012
I'm having a lot of anxiety right now. December's always the craziest month.

At the same time, a part of me couldn't be happier. Even though I'm spending as much as I am out of pocket for some of the things at this tea party, I'm so excited for the things that will come out of it.

I'm personally not even going to be eating. LOL I can't even afford to eat because I'm covering for my speaker and for some friends.

But regardless, I'm excited. It's a weird feeling because from one standpoint it's a total waste of money, but I like to entertain and I like to give my lolita friends such a good time.

Even with the Guyana trip coming up, and me having to seriously prepare for that (still haven't submitted my passport application), I'm still doing as much as I can to make this party as big as possible. I really didn't have to do it, my stomach is churning and making me feel nauseous like "what the hell did you just do to yourself?", but my heart feels warm and fuzzy. My mind says I'm an idiot but my soul says it feels just right.

I love my friends. I love my frillies. And I love this ridiculous amount of stress that comes with event planning. It's like a masochistic kink. I really don't know why I continue doing this every year. LOL


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