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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Just a post confirming that I'm doing all right~
I'm not in a Zone A area so I didn't get any flooding or anything, but there was a hell of a lot of wind and at some point yesterday afternoon, all the power on my block was lost.

Thankfully, it's back up again (for now) and I'm hoping it'll stay that way...

I'm a bit irritated right now because a lot of people on my facebook and whatnot are talking a bunch of crap like "Sandy AIN'T SHIET" and just stupid idiotic things. You can tell these people are the same individuals who don't bother to take the time and see the destruction all along the East Coast...

Many Zone A areas were flooded pretty bad, especially places like Red Hook... City Island is completely trashed. Lower Manhattan is jacked up power-wise. The bridges were closed due to 100 mph winds and obviously all the airports are completely shut down. LaGuardia airport will stay closed because there was just way too much flood damage..

15-20 people died in the City/Tristate area SO FAR, and the MTA Subway isn't expected to be up and running until a GOOD WEEK.

I haven't heard anything from this job since the interview and I'm afraid that maybe they went back and second-guessed their initial decision to hire me? But even if they do call me this week, I have no clue how I'm going to get to the city... and chances are that I'm gonna have to camp out somewhere for the next few days in Manhattan, because the travel between Brooklyn and Manhattan will be too much hassle.

Stuff is just complicated... I hope everything falls into place soon, and that we'll be able to resume quickly. The fact that the subway system is fucked for more than 2-3 days is going to cause everyone so much trouble... I'm also praying for the families who lost family members or lost their homes and property in this disaster. It's pretty crazy.


Amani said...

People are always gonna be insensitive but they wouldn't be talking s-word if it was there area that was out of power and/or flooded >.< just glad to know you're alright <3

Amani said...

Im in "zone c" just some fallen trees down the block. I seen the photos and im wondering whats everyone elses problem. Its not hard to find the pictures either in facebook too. I mean just the trains alone underwater not not that half of the cities lights, that explosion and 100 homes burned down. That is only part of it thats only talking of the city and one of the islands. 

But NY was getting prepared and im glad for that. we are so used to hyped up news stories and how they crave on just drizzle. Didnt expect this. Hope for in the future we are more prepared.

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