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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Busy Month~


You know it's officially autumn when the temperature suddenly drops 15-20 degrees within the first week of October. I had a very exhausting but spirit-filled weekend at my church's youth retreat, but I did not expect the weather to be as cold as it was. Everyone was getting sick around me but luckily, I only suffered a small headache yesterday. I'm feeling pretty fine for now.

This month will be extremely busy for me. This next week especially~ because of a) NY Comic Con, and b) it being the last week to submit on all my event work! I recently created a Gyaru style improvement group on Facebook, but I'm trying my best to not pay attention to it so I don't get sidetracked... I had to redo chapter exams because apparently the system changed a while ago and the old results didn't save... see, had I finished all this mess on time I wouldn't even be going through this = A=

In any case, when I'm done with my final project concepts, I'm going to share them with you guys! I've been working really hard on finishing. It's been really difficult trying to focus. I'm sure I'll push through though.

I've been trying to get my panel notes for the Lolita panel on Saturday out of the way so I won't have to think about it later. If you're going to New York Comic Con this weekend, try and come through to my panel! It will be in panel room 1A08 at 9pm. Late, I know... unfortunately we can't choose our own times and stuff. Kind of sad that I'll be too poor to really buy anything this weekend, but hopefully I can snatch a bunch of con swag for myself and play all the upcoming games I want to buy. ♥

Then on the 20th.. is the Rally Day for our Guyana mission trip. We're supposed to be having a service or something and all the churches helping out are going to be dropping off the barrels of goods they've donated. We're going to need even more supplies though! At first we were only going to be in an area in Linden, but now we're going to be traveling to maybe 3-4 other cities as well. We haven't had any actual committee meeting about everything surrounding this trip, so I'm afraid of getting hit all at once and scrambling to get things done.

To top it off, I'm still trying to scramble the money together for my passport so I won't have to worry about it in November. I've been applying to some jobs again, I'm hoping for a bite soon so I can get some seasonal work in before I end up leaving for this trip! I'm in need of some serious moolah (and retail therapy) ; w;

I'm looking forward to getting this month out of the way already!


Amani said...

It's freezing down here too! So i can only imagine how cold it is up in NY! I wish I could visit you at comic con~ I didn't know you did Loli! So cuute<3~

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