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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Recovery mode:

It's been a week since I've been back and I still have my suitcase in the middle of my floor with clothes and crap inside...

Barely escaped 'post-con flu' with a fever so I've been resting up most of the time... while thinking of New York Comic Con, haha! But now I have cramps -and- an annoying headache so I don't want to think at all, anymore. I've been trying to do things here and there, as far as my very slow cosplay progress, updating my old Model Mayhem account (yes, my lame self), updating my Pupe.jp account, etc.


I finally went to the orthopedics this past week for my bad knee. The doctor pretty much compared it to a pothole LOL. Saying that however I damaged the cartilage underneath, it's been injuring itself over and over again.. I took x-rays and I'm waiting for an authorization to get an MRI. In the meantime I'm supposed to be going to physical therapy for 2-3 days for the next 6-8 weeks to strengthen the muscles nearby until they figure out what exactly is wrong. So tomorrow I'll be calling up some of these places and seeing if they'll take my insurance and stuff so I can get -somewhat- active. May not be the type of toning I want to do but at least it will be something? xD


I've also been thinking of my final project for this Event Design course... my pastor decided to give me the money for the extension for my courses so I can finish it... .____. When he told me that, it gave me so many feels... and I'm a bit baffled by it. I almost feel uncomfortable because it's not like I'm their child or anything but they're giving this money to me... ; w; once I'm done I'm gonna push to pay them back because I feel so bad.

At the same time, they're pushing me to do more than my family generally do education-wise... like they're determined to push me to go to college, even though I clearly don't want to. . 3. I don't understand these feelssss

Speaking of the Event Design course~ I have another appointment with Preston Bailey on Tuesday, I am so excited!!! ; w; I'm so excited and blargh adksjdnsh

I've been trying to figure out what to wear and everything... that's probably really stupid but I want to dress nice and show off my personality ; o; I'm so looking towards having a great time with this man

Then later this week, I'm going to be going to an Awkward Black Girl screening & afterparty with Rio! I remember meeting Madison Shockley during my birthday this year, and I'm gonna be super happy to see him again, AND ABG creator Issa Rae in person. Once again, I'm freaking out trying to think of what to wear to -that- outing too xD

As you can see, this week is going to be filled with many feels...


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