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Monday, July 23, 2012


Today a colorful, beautiful girl is laid to rest.

The news of a Seattle lolita's sudden passing shook the lolita community over the past week. Though I've never met this girl personally, I grieve for her soul. Even when the event took place all the way on the other side of the country, finding about it left an unnerving feeling. It still felt so close to home.

It really makes you think about death. Lolita and my desire to live a princess lifestyle was always my source of escapism. A lot of the times you can't even imagine death in certain things about life, you wish to view life through rose-colored lenses, you try to live life positively and try to make the most out of it... but it's always a reality that pops up when it's least expected.

A bunch of the New York lolitas discussed it on our Facebook group, and we all pitched in to send flowers to her funeral. I'm glad the idea was brought up and everyone made the effort to be a part of it. I hope her family and friends can find comfort at this time.

Life is too short... and unfortunately it goes on when many are not ready. May Meagan rest in peace.


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