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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ministry Abroad

Warning: Late night rambling

Within the past week, my pastor and his wife announced that they would be going abroad at the end of the year to Guyana to minister to the people of Canzas City (?) in Linden and giving out food and goods to the poor there. They had a couple of spots for people to go along so immediately I called a spot. (Now to figure out how to pay for it... haha)

It's funny how quickly I jumped at it without a second thought. My desire to travel this year made me a bit reckless, I guess. I know I initially wanted to go to Japan or Brazil, but the chance to be able to help and minister to people sounds so fulfilling... my spirit is pushing me to go. I'm very excited, and of course in my mind I'm thinking up the most vivid images of my future trip. Being able to live for a few days in a foreign environment... to be among strange people and to give them aid...

Maybe there can be some way to go to Brazil from there? lol or maybe the other way around (going to Brazil first, and then heading to Guyana and meeting my church there). Probably not something I should do but it -is- right next to each other. If it were possible, I'd love to make the most out of my trip. Gosh, if only I could get a steady job like I've been trying to get... everything would easily fall into place..


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