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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Consecration time... E_____E

I got trolled.

Today was the start of a consecration that came out of nowhere-- 21 days, with no actual preparation or anything. Thanks, God.

Friday there was a women's ministry gathering and we were assigned to write down 5 favorite things of ours. My list was 1) Ruffles and lace, 2) video games, c) cake d) lolSherlockbatch and e) music.

Guess what I have to bar myself from for 21 days.
For the next three weeks, I can't wear most of my wardrobe, definitely not my lolita items.. can't play any video games, including Sims Social (my internet boredom crack addiction), refrain from eating cake, and listening to anything that is not glorifying God. I was very pissed from the whole ruffles & lace thing like come on... and then music is my life, and the majority of music I listen to don't even have lyrics or anything! But at the same time when I had a fit, i realized how attached I am to my cute clothing and I'm aware of how my music influences my feelings. Maybe this consecration will do good.

I decided to dismiss Sherlockbatch because honestly, I'm not obsessed over Benedict Cumberbatch or his Sherlock character to the point where it's a problem. I chose someone important to me instead, since my feelings towards said person is a much bigger issue to tackle.

I also decided to cut down my general internet time so I can attempt to be more productive. Fitness.. bible studying.. going out more often, something. So far I'm not doing too good with the internet time. Especially with Facebook and I need to break away from it.

To kind of shift my focus, I finally made the faith blog I've been thinking of starting for a while.

The name itself comes from our young women's group (ages 19-32) in church, called 'Daughters of the King'. I didn't want anything corny or plain or blank, so I named it that. I'll be posting my notes from church, observations, and personal faith-based notes down in that, to save flooding this blog with tags and randomly deep posts xD

So if you want to follow that, you can. In this blog I'll be continuing as I always have, so the content won't change a bit.


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