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Thursday, May 17, 2012


Right now I'm eating my last meal for the next week or so.

It's that time of the year again, and this time I'm facing what will probably be the most difficult challenge of my life so far. This past Sunday it was announced that the congregation would be living on H2O for the next 10 days.

No food, no tea, no juice, no candy. Just straight water.

If anyone knows how my eating habits are, and how much I love food xD You know how much this is killing me inside. Even though I haven't even started it yet.

My pastor and his wife had done a water-only fast before, way back when they were 15-16ish (they went to the same church). They told us their experiences and what they got out of it spiritually, how their senses were heightened and how their prayer life changed, and also that they never ever forgot that fast. I'm sure I won't either e___e


It's been pretty interesting to finally physically feel how the flesh and the mind are two different entities. I previously learned how there is the natural 'man', the 'carnal' man, and then the spirit 'man', and how each of them function and initially react differently to certain situations. This whole week I've been trying to mentally prepare myself for the fast, and while my mind has been calm since Tuesday, my body has been acting anxious, like I haven't really felt any fear for my body to feel the way it does. It's almost withdrawal-like, even though I've been doing nothing -but- eat food.

I have a feeling that my flesh won't take long to submit to God and the Holy Spirit because of how it's acting now. The only thing I'm wondering at the moment is how it'll feel when my mind finally submits and my soul gets the spiritual anointing it needs. The only way I can explain is that there's just no words. Every time I imagine something when it comes to my God, or when something happens, there's just no way to describe it.

...ok... late night rambling while I'm trying to cherish this food as long as possible. Yeah. I'm gonna stop now.

In any case, I'm going to dress nice tomorrow because I know for the rest of the 9 days I'm going to feel like I don't even know what.

Wish me luck xD


Amani said...

Just think about Moses.  He went for 40 days without food or water.

Amani said...

Yes! I actually thought about Jesus when he fasted for 40 days and 40 nights in the Judean desert. If they can go on for over a month, then I can go on for 10 days xD

Amani said...

Be careful with your health.  Different people can react different ways to a fast, especially if you have not fasted much before.  I would be cautious about a 10 day fast if you have never fasted even 6 or 7 days before.

Amani said...

God is definitely keeping me through this fast so far! In the past I've only done week or month-long consecrations with one meal a day restrictions, and then liquid fasts that were maybe 1-3 days. this is the first time I'm actually doing water-only for 10 days straight. 

But I'm pretty confident in Him! Especially speaking that I'm going onto the 4th day now, and I have yet to get any hunger pains, overwhelming cravings, or any sort of serious weakness or faint feeling. I've actually had no appetite which is amazing, I love eating food so much and I'm very piggish. xD

Definitely looking forward to the breakthroughs that will result from this.

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