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Friday, May 25, 2012
Omi went to the hospital again, today.

For the past 2-3 days she's been having trouble sleeping, whenever she tells me she's always close to tears...

Her doctor keep giving her higher doses for the water in her body.. telling her to double up on the pills when they don't work, etc... this time he told her to take TRIPLE the amount.

Ever since she fell two years ago and was in and out of the hospital during that time from panic attacks, I always felt that he was a bad doctor. Like he doesn't even listen to how she feels, and gives her random meds that never seem to work...

These nurses and doctors always seem to pay half the attention to what she says, as if she's senile or something... but Omi is nowhere near that.
Now she gets up at night because she feels like she can't breathe, like she's going to die, and she can't use the bathroom at all.

The doctor at that clinic (her regular doctor wasn't there today) when she called, told her to stop taking all the pills completely, and go to the hospital over by the clinic. At this point I won't be surprised if her liver or her kidneys completely fail... but I pray that they don't.

I just want her to live to see her 80th birthday on Thursday.
God give me strength...


Amani said...

Aw, darling, I really want to give you a hug. :[ <333  (And Omi, too, for that matter...)

I really hope she's doing better by now, and she's in my thoughts and prayers.

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