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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May Updates

Just wanted to do a little update on life~

So after the Women's retreat was all said and done, I got extremely sick for almost a week. It's funny how I never really get sick, all through the winter, but once that 'bug' comes out of nowhere when spring/summer comes, I get sick like a dog. Major boo.

But once I got back from upstate, a load of good things started happening, and I'm so grateful and thankful to God that these things are finally being dug up for me~

- Last Wednesday, me and bff Laura and Nikki got to see British actor BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH in person, along with Steven Moffat and others at the PBS Sherlock season 2 premiere screening (which was amazing-- I ended up getting a pair of tickets out of 10k+ people who applied). Pics and deetz in a future post!

- I heard back from Preston Bailey Designs~ I have an appointment to meet him in his office in June! No words how excited I am about that! fffffffffff

- Since last week I've been sending out job applications again, signed up for SYEP, etc. I actually got a callback from a bridal accessory shop in the city! Went for an interview on Monday, hopefully I hear something back from them tomorrow or the end of the week!

- Another Lifebooker for the $25 colonic hydrotherapy treatment popped up~ snatching it today once I pay my phone bill. Finally gonna try and get that appointment set up!

I've also been talking and having fellowship with some of the other brothers and sisters at my church. One of the adult bros is actually a culinary artist, trying to push himself out there to do catering for special events. Another sister (closer to my age) is also into events planning, decorates dessert tables and stuff and plans things here and there. She was actually looking into the LWPI courses and so we exchanges numbers so I can talk to her about the experience more. Then she also has -another- friend who designs cakes and pastries for a living. "It's a Small World" begins to play in my head, and I'm just imagining a strong special-events network within my lil' old church. The thought of being in league with church brethren gets me really excited and motivated.

I've been pretty pumped! So many opportunities have been laid in front of me just how I wanted it, and I feel confident in God that all or most of my goals for 2012 will come to pass. This month is my pastor's pastoral anniversary, plus Pentecost, and I'm expecting great things both in and outside the church! I hope to finish the certification stuff by June and my cosplay before the end of July. I'm also going to do something different for the summer hair-wise, and push to become more active with the youth/young women's ministry. My sister's finally -officially- getting married in July as well, and while I'm super worried about that (for reasons I'll probably not get into until later), I'm hoping for the best!


Amani said...

All the best in your job applications! :)

Amani said...

Thank you! Definitely gonna need the good vibes xD

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