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Monday, April 2, 2012

Quick and easy bang piece

So the other night I was thinking about hair and alternatives to keep myself from damaging my hair further. (Planning to trim it again over the summer btw~)

I was looking at pictures from brands like Prisila and whatnot and just thinking how long would it be until I make another order through Taobaospree. And then I realized that I had packs of extensions that I haven't ever used or touched in YEARS under my bed. So I dug for them and found them again.

I had three packs of Outre batik extensions, "Romantic Curl" style

(Honestly it doesn't look that right on her lul)

I have enough of this hair to make maybe two wigs xD Which I might make, if I feel like it. But what was nice about this package was that it came with a small roll of 6 inch hair for the bang piece, and remembering this I took those pieces and quickly stitched a bang piece for myself!

How the weft looked rolled up.

And then..

At first I put it together with just three piece, but then I felt it wasn't thick enough, so then I added another two pieces. Altogether it was like 17 1/2 inches of the 6 inch weft, cut into 5 3 1/2 inch pieces.

Granted it's not the kind that you'd just sit on your hair and that's it, If my hair was down I'd probably pull some hair over to cover the track. I was mainly going to use this for when I wear hats and lolita hair bows and things like that, so it's not much of a problem for me anyways :3 No one would notice.


The only issue is that for whatever reason, fibers keep getting into my eye or something... and that hurts like hell, so I'm gonna try to wash it or something and see if it's better. But other than that~ It's pretty good


Amani said...

 Niceeee! I really want to have fringe too but with my hair... (I'm half african and french). That a great idea, thanks for the diy!

Amani said...

Yeah~ it's not the best (I would probably layer the wefts better and sew them onto a piece of mesh or something like that), but it's definitely a quick and easy solution if you can't buy bang pieces locally or something.

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