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Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Blog Design

I've been wanting to change my blog's design and stuff for a WHILE now, and I just finished it, after hours of fiddling on a program called Artisteer.

It was really annoying- I used the free trial of the program which said would watermark the final product.. little did I know that it would completely watermark EVERYTHING, even my own images. It sucked so hard and I had to weave through the coding to replace everything with my own image links... sigh. And then as always, the header never wants to be the size I want it. But overall I like it, the damask (?) background, the header collage thing looks exactly the way I wanted it to. Added a little "About Me" page as well. I'll probably add more pages as time goes on.

Otherwise, it's whatever = w= It's done, and I'm not planning to touch this sucker for another 5 years.

Hope it looks right on everyone's screen, because I am notttt messing around with it again.


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