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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My mom has the tendency to attract strange people...

Today my mother and I went to Pathmark, doing the usual weekly grocery shopping. This time I was a bit hasty than usual to get our stuff and get out because I had church to go to and I was pretty eager to get out of there in a timely manner.

At some point I left mom in the freezer aisle to start snatching pasta sauce and whatnot, I swear it was just like 5 minutes, and when I returned there was this hoodrat pushing my cart for mom (who also had her own cart, for her house.) Mom was clearly frazzled-- this lady was talking so much it was distracting her and she wasn't able to concentrate on what she needed to get from the shopping list. Immediately I was like 'oh Lord..' and I pretty much avoided being in that area for a lot of the time.

This lady had no groceries of her own, and that alone told me that she probably convinced Mom to use her EBT card in exchange for the cash that Omi gave us. I personally don't mind stuff like that, when my mom had food stamps she did that as well, but it was okay because that was -family-. Anything involving a random stranger automatically puts me off.

This lady was yapping her head off constantly.. and at some points Mom had purposely left her in an aisle to go back to another one so she could actually -think- and get the stuff we needed. My mother isn't very talkative at all. She's pretty reserved and she feels really uncomfortable in large crowds and things like that. I honestly don't know why she agreed to it, but my mom has a problem with saying 'no' to people at times. I wasn't trying to hear this lady, half the time I had my music on to go over her voice so she knows I'm not trying to pay attention to her. Not in a mean way, but in an OCD-"this needs to be DONE" kind of way.

Now when we were in the dairy aisle, one of the Pathmark workers, some old West Indian dude came out and acted like he knew her from the laundromat or somewhere, and she was being pretty rude to him and acting like she didn't know him. The guy went 'hm...okay', seeing how she was trying to act and went on with his business. Later on she started yapping about how she had found out that he did crack and all this mess and I'm just sitting here like... who cares??? Do we need to know this nigga's business??? Just, God. It was so annoying. We had a lot of items in both carts but when she asked if I needed help I told her no. The last thing I needed was this broad to mix up our groceries and slowing us down.

Anyways, the moment everything was paid for and Mom gave her the cash, she was out. I hope the last time I see her, because I really cannot stand people like that.

The whole time I was thinking of another similar incident from years back...

Back when I was young, maybe 7-9ish, we had went to another Pathmark, where some other hoodrat had offered to help Mom. Mom took the help at the time because it was me and my two younger brothers, and obviously me and my younger brother Ramon being kids and capable of -walking- we might've been a bit of trouble lol. Me and mom actually spoke about that once we got to the car... apparently according to mom (we didn't notice when we were younger), that the lady reeked of alcohol, as though she drank and drank and drank so much that it was seeping through her skin or something... and the employees and the taxi drivers who would wait for customers in the store were insulting her and making fun of her, like she actually had a history of causing trouble.

Apparently the lady had tried to -ask- mom to buy the things the -lady- wanted to get, like really? And then while mom was trying to pull the car from around the corner down the street, this lady was acting very negative towards me for no reason. She had all of us while we waited there for mom, which my mom lol probably shouldn't have done, but at that time we had so many grocery bags and that specific Pathmark didn't have an actual parking lot or anything, so there was a fence thing that didn't allow carts to go past into the sidewalks and stuff. Anyways the lady told me to get some of the bags and go to the car, to which I replied "but mommy told me to stay here".

This lady was being so hateful towards me, like she was going to beat me, that I just went off and did as she said. Looking back at it now, I could only imagine that the reason why she did that was because I was black LOL. I am my mother's only dark child, everyone else is light as vanilla cake. And I can't really understand that since this lady was black too, but either way she was clearly not right in the head.

As soon as I reached the spot I noticed that mom's car wasn't where she parked it anymore-- and rather than walk back to the Pathmark I just sat there and started crying on the corner. A little while later I remember a pregnant woman saw me, asked me what was wrong, and stood there with me until my mom finally came back and snatched me up. Needless to say that was the hugest scare for all of us, my baby brother was asleep but I was crying, my mom was crying and angry at herself, and my younger brother was crying. LOL and he confessed that he loved me, even though at other times we were bad asses and fighting like maniacs, throwing toys at each other's heads and crap.

Then as we continued talking I asked my mom what happened when she returned to the store and saw I wasn't there anymore... the lady had said that I 'just walked off' on my own, which my mom knew was bullshit, and then LOL had the nerve to ask my mom to drive her to some street nearby. My mom cursed her out and told her to bounce before she kick her ass... not surprised whatsoever LOL My mom throws down and goes crazy when she gets angry.

I suppose that's one of the reasons I really don't play when I'm confronted by strangers or people I don't like. I get very defensive and ready to act violent if anything were to happen. Not to mention that grocery shopping made me develop some sort of OCD pattern... xD But yeah, I hope nothing like that happens again in the future. Because chances are I'll be the one throwing frozen turkey at someone's head.


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