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Friday, March 9, 2012

Finally, time to relax.

This past week has been nerve-wrecking and I am SO glad I am done.

Or at least, I hope I am.

This whole week so far, I've only had maybe 12 hours of sleep. Pulling all-nighters night after night after night in an attempt to get all of this event work done and over with.. the worst feeling of withdrawal.. on top of it I was cramping and everything the whole time, so I was just done in so many ways. LOL The only sufficient amount of sleep I had was yesterday afternoon, and that was just because my body finally shut down after being pushed so far. I was in my computer chair, hands on my keyboard, sitting straight, out like a light. It was ridiculous.

Despite the fact that my interactive certificate courses were supposed to have been expired Thursday, it seemed as though the institute didn't bother to even cut it off, so I didn't easily give up and leave it, as much as I desperately wanted to. A lot of my assignment work was actually incomplete, mainly the ones that involved contacting and talking to other businesses, but apparently I can do them over without penalty as long as I got the work in on time.

Sending in the last assignment tonight lifted the hugest weight off my shoulder. So many times did I have writer's block (or reader's block) and I just could not concentrate on my work. I was seriously be away from the computer for an hour or two, nothing but my text and paper and a pen and couldn't get anything done. But eventually, I managed to strain myself through. Big thanks to the couple of girls who helped pull up websites and things for me when I was doing two other assignments at the same time.

TL,DR version: I (hopefully) completed my Certified Wedding Planner course. It'll take maybe a week or two (or more, since I bombarded the living mess out of my instructor's inbox) to get all the work checked off, but I did it.

I can't say the same for the Event Design, however. I never got to any of the work, I -was- going to cheat on my assignments a bit (that requires you to go to a venue, measure the room, take large amounts of detail and construct a floor plan and all this stuff), but when I looked at the guideline and the review I knew there was just no way to fake it.

Knowing that I was most likely going to fail that course, I spent a lot of time yesterday going through the chapters of the course I never had the chance to touch. At that moment I felt like "wow, practically wasted 800-900 dollars", out of my mother's money on top of that, but I couldn't just sit there and not at least soak up as much as I could. Unlike the wedding planning course I didn't have a textbook for the design, so I took so many notes for future reference.

Maybe one day I'll do a formal review, but there was just so much information about business and producing designs. I've learned so much. If I had just let those unseen chapters just sit there and never be read I would never forgive myself. I'd feel COMPLETELY worthless.

When I was done reading and taking in everything, I decided to take the exams for both the courses anyways, even though at the time I didn't finish all the assignments. I did extraordinarily well for someone who just suddenly got back into it after like, 6 months of not even touching the coursework.

Event Planning exam -> 90%
Event Design exam --> 89%

I did it so effortlessly xD Like for the planning test they gave you 30 mins or so for each part, and for design they gave you 1 1/2 hours for each part. Every part I swear I got through in a matter of 15 minutes. **Insert one of those school moments when you walk in class late, take a test and then be the first one out with 20-30 minutes left in the period**

The Design class was a shame though.. I got such a high score but none of my work is done... I highly doubt I'll be able to get an extension to do the work (I had a year since these classes were activated, after all) but if I was able to? I'd be so set. Like no words can explain. If they gave me just the weekend, I'd get on it so fast xD I'd wrap that shit up.

Regardless, as much strain as I put myself through I still learned a lot, especially about myself and perseverance. When I was doing the PR assignments and talking to these people in the industry, I learned a lot from them and I was even invited to come and meet with them. This one guy who does lighting/audio/visuals asked if I wanted to go with the team to a Bar Mitzvah they're setting up for on Saturday, somewhere in Jersey so I could see how they work! I definitely want to take him up on that offer but knowing me I might just end up getting lost traveling there lol that and I just really need to make sure I have the energy.

ANYWAYS I'm completely exhausted and that's why I'm just babbling and rambling. I definitely need some well-needed sleep. Now that this is over (for the most part), I can relax and start posting things again. e.x. my February purchases and my 'gasm at Trey Songz's concert last week mhmmm


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